Strategic Planning

Strategic planning is a generic weakness in most organizations. Although critical to long term sustainability, well being and competetiveness, daily operational, budgetary and cash flow issues, or crisis managment tend to reduce the "quality time" senior management and research teams can devote to their strategic thinking and positioning. Ecoinformatics Interantional provides a unique set of strategic planning services which helps management teams fill this gap.

Ecoinformatics facilitates and accelerates the process with and within the teams using tools and approaches developed and tested for science, technology and knowledge driven organizations.

Key Thoughts

  • leading change is the key to success
  • The future is closer than you think
  • For science and technology organizations : the future is now!
  • Best practices reflect the past
  • Next practices implement the future

Our value-added:

  • people and organization see beyond the problems and opportunities of today----- the potential of the future
  • facilitate a common vision of the future by integrating and projecting the knowledge advantage of you and your partners
  • complement a strategic (weakness)
    using the strength within your team and organization
  • repostioning your organization/ initaitve for the future
  • exploit your knowledge advantage

Tools and approaches:

  • Strategic Architecture
  • Core competencies
  • Strategy Maps
  • Vision and Strategic Intent
  • Futures Dialogues
  • Scenario development
  • backcasting
  • Next Practices
  • Return on Knowledge (ROK) and Return on Investment (ROI)
  • Multi-stakeholder models
  • Logic models
  • Strategic Business Plans

Strategic Architecture

Strategy Maps

Strategy Mapping

Business Model Scenarios

Knowledge Infrastructure Futures