• Criteria and Indicators (C&I)for Sustainable Forest Management, Montreal Process
  • Converging Strategic Technologies
  • Atlas of Canada Future Scenarios
  • Geomatica Business review
  • IUCN- World Conservation Union Knowledge Management
  • IUCN- Policy Influence
  • Re-inventing Canadian Institute of Geomatics
  • e-IUCN
  • IUCN Species Survival Commission- Red List on Line
  • Biodiversity Conservation Information system Consortium. IUCN
  • Digital Opportunities for a Sustainable World: Futures Dialogue side event World Summit on Sustainable Development, Johannesburg, South Africa
  • Science- Marketing: Future Strategies for Science and Technology Programs of the Canadian Forest Service
  • Canadian Earth Observation Network (CEONet)- Evolution of Business Models. Multi-stakeholder model and Value-added services.
  • Strategic Architecture and Future Strategies for the Canada Centre for Remote Sensing
  • Spatial Data and Spatial Knowledge Infrastructure Development
  • Canada Land Inventory on-line
  • Assessing the federal Budget for Geospatial Opportunities and funding
  • National Atlas Information Service on-line: first GIS based dynamic atlas on line,
  • Business Plan Surveys and Mapping Branch, Geomatics Canada
  • Strategic Architecture Geomatics Canada
  • Real time election mapping
  • Science Policy Cartography and the development of Poster maps for the National Atlas of Canada and Canadian Geographic
  • Development of St .Lawrence Integrated Atlas, part of the St .Lawrence Action Plan
  • International Joint Commission (IJC) Great Lakes Water levels reference; Coastal zone impacts
  • Canada Land Inventory
  • Northern Land use Information
  • Canada Land use Monitoring
  • Canadian Geographic Information Systems
  • Canada Committee on Ecological land classification
  • Flood Risk Mapping
  • Federal Policy on Land Use
  • Federal Water Policy
  • federal Wetlands Policy
  • Establishment of the Manitoba Remote Sensing Centre
  • Development of Remote Sensing Tools for Rapid Ecological Surveys and Monitoring
  • Melting of Permafrost in the Southern Discontinuous Permafrost Zone in Manitoba
  • Environmental Impact Assessment of the Churchill River Diversion
  • Land use planning for the agriculture- forest zone in South Eastern Manitoba
  • Bio-physical land classification for Northern Manitoba
  • Land Capability Classification for Forestry, Manitoba


IUCN Red List

Strategic Architecture

National Atlas on-line

Manitoba Remote Sensing Centre