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Strategic Architecture Future Map

Geomatics Canada

This architecture was developed by a team of senior managers in NRCan to guide the strategic planning process. it displays the long term strategic evolution of the core competencies critical to the organization. This diagram was included in the 5 year plan to visualize the progress towards the strategic intent.

It is interesting to note that all lines are moving to higher value-added information and knowledge management systems. All these lines are moving into modeling and decision support which require more sophisticated levels of client/ applications knowledge and integrated data bases feeding integrated models. Some of the key barriers are identified in red.
The solutions to these barriers are science based rather than technology based and need a paradigm shift in operations.
Traditional Spatial Data organizations lack these core competencies and need to build strategic partnerships with science based institutions to maintain their leadership position.

This Strategic Architecture was prepared in 1994 and the 10-15 year predictions turned out to be quite accurate ( ncluding a real- time GPS watch)