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Results of the

Futures Dialogue May 25, 2007, Toronto

The Toronto Branch of CIG organized in cooperation with the International Society of Photogrammetry the international conference on Disaster and Risk Management: May 23-25, 2007 in the Westin Harbour Castle, Toronto. This Conference closed with a Futures Dialogue on Geomatics for Disaster and Risk Management with a focus on Converging Technologies and Next Practices for Disaster and Risk Management.

The Futures Panel included:

The result from the Future dialogue panel can be found in the right column of this page, where the thumb nail images provide a link to the strategic vision of the panel members



You are invited to contribute to this process of finding the future.

Participate by submitting your strategic foresights in the form of a strategic architecture diagram, (see figure below) in essence a thumbnail sketch of your vision of the future. The Strategic architecture allows us to assemble this information into a strategy map for: The Future of Geomatics for Disaster and Risk Management.

For more information contact Jean Thie, moderator of the panel.



Futures Dialogues

some of the results

Bob Parkinson: Evolution and Future of Geomatics in Agriculture Canada [+]

Sisi Zlatanova: Future of Data Management [+]

Brian Maloney: Future Dimensions of Surveying and Mapping [+]


Alex Miller: Future of GIS [+]

Richard Worsfold: Future of Forest Inventory Management [+]

Geoff Zeiss: Future of Infrastructure Management [+]